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RADCast Outdoors Episode #54: Hunting and Fishing Etiquette in the Field and on the Water

June 17, 2021

Outdoor Ethics Episode

Photo from David Merrill

David Merrill and Patrick Edwards go over some of the biggest fishing and hunting etiquette considerations for your next fishing or hunting trip. Outdoorsmen have experienced improper etiquette while out in the field and both Patrick and David provide some ideas on how to avoid some of these issues. For both hunting and fishing, there are crossover rules that everyone should abide by to respect other people in the outdoors. Number one: remember to follow the local laws and ethics for whatever activity you are pursuing. Number two: keep a buffer in the field or on the water from other folks so that you aren't interfering with their adventure. For more ideas, check out the episode! 

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Hunting and Fishing Etiquette in the Field and on the Water
[00:00:00] Patrick Edwards: This episode of RadCast outdoors is brought to you by PK Lures , Bow spider and high mountain seasoning.
David Merrill: Sean. Hey, rad cast is on hunting, fishing and everything in between. This is rad cast outdoor. Here are David Merrill and Patrick
Music: Edwards.
Patrick Edwards: Well, hello everybody. And welcome to another episode of Rad cast outdoors. I'm Patrick. No, I'm David Morrell and we're here in the red cast studio powered by bow spider, bringing you another episode. And, uh, just want to just say a quick shout out to David and all the work he's been doing here. Uh, the studios coming along, it looks good, man.

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